June 24th in Calgary | 12 Steps To Enlightenment

nissim 365-480In this full day lecture, Zen Master Nissim Amon will guide us through the 12 steps to enlightenment. In his unique way of combining Eastern Buddhism and Western Philosophy, Nissim will help us understand the reasons why we suffer and how to end the cycle.

Find out why self help is not helping so much.
Why do you get anxious.
Where did your fear begin.
How to stop judging yourself.
Understand a true path to spiritual awakening.
Learn to say no without guilt.
Take better care of yourself.
Find balance between body, mind and Spirit.
How to let go of the past and be more present.
End bad habits.
Accept your place in the world.

We are pleased to be hosting this event at Mount Royal University
Saturday June 24th from 10am to 5 pm

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