Miya Stevens | Basel

Trilotherapy is a tool I have experienced personally while seeking for help during an illness.
10 years earlier I met Zen Master Nissim Amon, the developer of Trilotherapy, and I remembered being captured by his wisdom.
I thought why not try something else…. and that was the day my life changed.
I went through the process of recognizing my mind, my heart, and myself.

Trilotherapy brought peace into my life, and ever since I knew that this is a gift everyone should have access to.
I have been joining Nissim Amon, offering this gift around the world, and today I have the privilege of doing it in Basel, Switzerland.
I’m holding a BA in Psychology and a diploma from the European Management School (EMC) in Brussel. In the campus of one of the biggest Pharma companies in the world I bring the Zen philosophy and teach mindfulness to managers & associates, and in my privet clinic I help individuals find the center that leads them to meaningful happier life.

Miya Stevens
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