June 28th & 29th in Edmonton | Two Zen Events

nissimthemissionWisdom From the EAST
Two Events with Zen Buddhist Master,
Nissim Amon

June 28th – Evening Event:
6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
“A Life of Joy and Freedom from Anxiety”

EARLY BIRD until May 24th – $65 (then $79)
Includes coffee, tea, water and light snacks

June 29th – FULL DAY Experience:
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
“Understanding the Human Psyche and Finding Ways to Inner Peace”

EARLY BIRD until May 24th – $129 (then $149)
Includes coffee, tea, water and light snacks. Please bring your own lunch or choose a nearby restaurant. You may also wish to bring a meditation cushion if preferred to a chair.

ATTEND BOTH EVENTS for only $165 until May 24th (then $179).
Choose ONE or BOTH events to join and learn the path to Peace, Joy and LOVE.

– Balance your head and your heart and awaken “center”

– Reduce your suffering and experience more Inner Peace than you ever imagined possible

– Uncover your programming from childhood and learn how to dismantle these belief systems and finally FREE yourself

– Awaken to the truth of who you are and learn powerful tools to heal and transform your life and help others do the same

– Learn how to create feelings of inner peace, greater self-love and life purpose

Trilotherapy is based on the fundamental understanding that the source of discomfort and suffering we experience in life comes from within rather than from outside influences. Inside each and every individual two different approaches to reality coexist, that of the rational/logical which we experience as thoughts and we call the Mind, and the emotional which expresses itself through feelings that come from the Heart.

“Trilotherapy is a revolutionary way for experiencing an awakening! Strengthen YOUR CENTER. Be the leader of your MIND and EMOTIONS “

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