Nissim Amon

“Trilotherapy is a revolutionary way for experiencing an awakening by moving between three different chairs. Strengthen YOUR CENTER. Be the leader of your MIND and EMOTIONS.” (Nissim Amon, 2004)

Nissim Amon is an ordained Soto Zen Master, developer of the Trilotherapy therapeutic system, founder of Tao’s center in Greece, has authored five books, created 2 guided meditation albums, a meditation music album and is featured in the Wild Divine Zen Journey program.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1963, Nissim travelled East following his experience as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces and after having fought in the Lebanon War in 1982. While in the East, Nissim spent time at the Hwa Gae Sah monestary in Korea, where he was ordained by Zen master Sueng Sahn as both a Zen Buddhist monk and meditation teacher. Nissim then traveled to Japan and studied under the tutelage of Roshi Gudo Wafu Nishijima, where he received the Dharma transmission and title of Zen master. Amon then became a wandering monk. Throughout this period he trained in forest monasteries of Thailand and in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India and Nepal.

Nissim spent a year teaching Zen practices at the famous Osho Center in Puna, India. It was here that he was exposed to a revolutionary approach to healing emotional wounds, which can be used to achieve inner balance. During this time he was introduced to Gestalt psychological theory. This exposure directly affected Nissim’s creation of the revolutionary therapeutic healing technique – Trilotherapy.

Nissim returned to Israel in 1994, where he began to develop Trilotherapy, taught Buddhism and founded the Higher Consciousness course of study at the Medicin College for alternative medicine.

In 2001 Nissim married Merav, and they moved to Paros, Greece, during this time they had two children and Nissim established the Tao’s meditation, yoga, wellness and retreat center. While in Paros, Nissim completed his development of the Trilotherapy system.

Since returning to Israel in 2008, Nissim has been training groups of individuals to become certified Trilotherapists, both throughout Israel and around the world. Nissim lectures internationally on topics of Zen, meditation, consciousness and Trilotherapy. He has also hosted an Israeli television series, taken part in a television documentary film and currently hosts an Israeli radio program.