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Read and write 100 words
Learn the secret wisdom behind Chinese Characters

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At the dawn of humanity wise men wove their web of secrets into the written language, making sure that they would never be lost. As long as people use language, the messages of wisdom will penetrate their subconscious, and slowly program and enrich their minds.

For those of us, interested in the wisdom of the East, the Chinese language offers an endless selection of precious stones that has waited thousands of years for us to explore.

The quest of our journey is to examine some of the 5000 written words, and to find clues to the way they are drawn, and by doing so we can reveal the messages that were planted there to help man in future generations to deal with their lives, for life is not a simple task after all is said and done.

The journey into the wisdom of Chinese characters, will take us to the era of a thousand years before the births of Lao-tsu and the Buddha, so perhaps here are some of the clues to the oldest
wisdom of the East.

It is an 18 day course. Read a chapter a day and copy the characters over and over again.
Welcome and prepare yourself to read Chinese.



Nissim Amon is an ordained Soto Zen Master, developer of the Trilotherapy therapeutic system, has authored seven books, and is featured in the Wild Divine Zen Journey program.

Nissim is a sought after Zen-teacher with many students all over the world. He has a unique style of writing where he combines spiritual wisdom of the East with psychological insights of the West. His books, as well as lectures and workshops, are deep and can change the vision of our mental reality, and thereby allowing freedom from suffering and resulting in peace of mind.